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What We Can Learn from Sha'Carri Richardson

As we get closer to another seasonal change, reflection is important. To reflect on the recent season in preparation for the next season is a vital skill that helps with transitioning well. One of the most significant Black Athlete stories during the Olympics' season this summer was on what seemed like the overnight sensation of Sha'Carri Richardson, and what seemed like the immediate opposite days later. By now, you know the story, you are aware of what has been broadcasted, but in reflecting on what happened, What did You learn?

There are multiple lessons we can learn from Sha'Carri Richardson, to include:

  • How to take responsibility

  • How to be vulnerable

  • How to honor our needs to cope

  • How to get in front of narratives by telling our own

  • How to hold others accountable: by creating space for others who are responsible to speak up for themselves (not by calling them out)

  • How to be Authentic and Human

  • How to integrate the different parts of our identity and Show up as our whole selves

  • How to use our pain as fuel to create change

There's been so much commentary about Sha'Carri, but the main points is her story triggered individual experiences of trauma. Trauma that may have been suppressed. There were so many controversial reactions, that I think all warrant a voice. Some of those controversial reactions were stated with much passion, because it triggered unresolved pain.

As you reflect on what you learned from Sha'Carri's most broadcasted experiences this summer, I hope you also reflect on what part of you does she represent. For example, does she represent the part of you that is misunderstood? the part of you that has had to conform to "rules"? the part of you that is shamed? the part of you that is judged? the part of you that you try to suppress? the part of you that has been invalidated? the part of you that didn't get supported? the part of you that felt isolated? the part of you that experienced being celebrated one day, then criticized the next?

In summary, what did you learn from Sha'Carri this summer?

If you were honest, what part of you does she represent?

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