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On Freeing Yourself From Other’s Expectations

If you could give yourself permission to pause, can you identify which expectations of others have you tried or are you trying to live up to?

And is that expectation freeing you to make your dreams reality or holding you hostage to someone else’s idea of you?

As a Black Athlete, you are impressionable to the thought patterns and the goals of your coaches, your parents, your teammates, your friends, the fans, and society as a whole. It takes consistent quiet time to really recenter and ground yourself, to what really holds true for you.

When others impress upon you their desires through humor, through coaching, through parenting, through advice, through feedback, through criticism, through simple conversation, through likes on social media, you can get so caught up in fulfilling other’s desires and losing sight of your own. You can start to lose your voice, your say, your stance, and your confidence. This is not to say that the influence of others is all bad or negative or a detour from your destiny, but your dreams have to really speak to you if you want to align it with happiness and freedom.

What expectations from others are you holding on to for your good?

What expectations do you need to release?

Written by Kheri A. Corbin,

For those who have taken others projections in and allowed them to direct their dreams

For Those Black Athletes


The Ones Who Love them

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