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On Being Real

As the New Year rolls out and starts the process of creating its on identity,

As some sports seasons come to a close,

As some seasons continue,

As some seasons prepare to begin,

I think it’s important to pause for reflection and prepare with intention.

Not New Year’s resolutions, Not 'New Year, New Me' slogans just to lose momentum around week 3 of 52, but authentic reflection and intention.

With each end or beginning, there is a beginning and an end.

In reflecting and setting intentions, there has to be space for authenticity, or the beauty of being real.

Oftentimes, society reinforces a facade version of doing life. 'A fake it until you make it' way of living, 'A pretend to get along or go along' way of relating.

What would happen if you stop protecting the ones you love from how you really feel, from what you really think? That's not to say be unintentional with your communication, but it is to say being intentional with your expression and keeping it aligned with your truth.

What would happen if you release yourself from the bondage of shame, judgement, and criticism?

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to be honest with you? Would you then show up more real, more you?

As you look back at 2021, and look ahead to the months to come in 2022, I wonder if you can create or co-create a safe space to release what others may misunderstand, judge, or criticize.

The sports culture doesn’t create as much opportunity for realness as it is married to fame and stardom, highlight reels, and popularity. Sometimes realness doesn’t meet the requirement for entertainment.

What if you made being real popular?

Would your life change?

Written by Kheri A. Corbin,

For those who are so protective of their feelings, emotions and thoughts because shame, judgment, and criticism taught them to hide;

For those needing a safe outlet to release what others may misunderstand, judge, or criticize

For Those Black Athletes


The Ones Who Love them

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