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On Being Black & Boundaried

I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in an affirming community that promoted healing for Black Professionals. Within this community, I met Courtney Leak, who I’m giving credit to for coining the term “Black and Boundaried.” (Something about me is that I’ma give credit where credit is due :)

I love this term of Black and Boundaried, and how it comes with the element of freedom. I attach having and maintaining healthy boundaries to creating ways for you to be free, authentic in your expression of yourself and free in your growth as an individual. Boundaries significantly aid in the ability for us to simultaneously take care of our individual selves and our relationships, within all contexts: romantic, familial, platonic, professional, etc.

Historically, our boundaries were dictated by someone who deemed themselves or were deemed by certain systems to be in power. Boundaries around our time, energy, bodies, spirits, minds, and information were not within our power and control. So, to be Black and Boundaried carries with it a stance to take and own the power that rightfully belongs to you and belonged to you since birth.

As we have explored this month: the impact of getting real about what it means to Be Black, the importance of self-awareness in knowing your personal triggers, and the blessings and griefs that can come with excelling and thriving, I hope you were able to establish boundaries and absorb the importance of having those boundaries.

As Black Athletes, within sports, you can be conditioned to have boundaries dictated by others. Think about who dictates your schedule, your conditioning/training, and your diet regimen. There’s nothing wrong with having healthy influences that help you in your path to making and maintaining healthy choices and boundaries, but remember that ultimately, the decision lies within you on which boundaries to set and how you go about setting and maintaining them.

Your Blackness is whatever you want to make of it and so are your boundaries; The Power is within you.

What Boundaries do you have in place to protect your peace?

What Boundaries do you have in place to preserve your energy?

What Boundaries do you have in place to protect your positivity?

What Boundaries do you have in place to preserve your Blackness?

Written by Kheri A. Corbin,

For those who are learning boundaries as a from of self-love and relational wellness,

For Those Black Athletes


The Ones Who Genuinely Love them

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