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Fear Not Discernment

You’re calling it discernment, when it may really be fear.

You'll reject or embrace a thing/emotion/person based on what you have called them, based on what they represent to you.


Those thoughts that are keeping you up at night and greeting you when you get up in the morning;

That heaviness you feel on your chest;

That tightness you feel gripping you;

It may not be discernment that has a hold on you.

It may be fear trying to restrict you.

Discernment is such a heavy feeling to embrace and sit with.

There’s a lot of discomfort when it comes to sitting with it,

But that’s also what

Fear feels like.

Sometimes our bodies, hearts, and minds are trying to tell us something, but we are so busy misinterpreting the messages, watering down its messages, ignoring and leaving the messages on read that we don’t pay full attention.

What feelings do you need to sit with again?

What feelings are showing up disguised as another feeling?

The longer you sit with some feelings, the more you will be able to really articulate where it’s coming from and the better you will be able to articulate its messages.

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